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This website contains links which are organized alphabetically around the sequence of topics typically taught in an introductory earth science or physical geography class. Links are also available for environmental science, earth science/geography education, career opportunities, and more. The sites selected are based on image quality, ease with which lesson plans can be developed, organization, authenticity, scope, and format. Check Alphabetized Earth Science Animations (AESA) for a links to almost 400 earth science concepts. 

Alphabetized Earth Science Animations (AESA)

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Kestrel Weather Tracker Resource Page
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Earth Science
Astronomy   Atmosphere   Atmospheric Circulation   Atmospheric Energy and Temperature  
Atmospheric Moisture   Biogeography   Climate   Coasts  
Deserts   Earth-Sun Relationships   GIS   Glaciers  
GPS   Historical Geology   Karst (Limestone Terrains)   Maps  
Mass Wasting   Oceanography   Plate Tectonics   Rivers  
Rocks and Minerals   Satellite Imagery   Severe Weather   Soils  
Volcanoes   Weather  
Environmental Science
Air Pollution   Endangered Species   Energy   General Environmental Resources  
Hazardous Wastes   Hunger   Land Use   Population  
Water Pollution   Water Resources  
Other Resource Links
Earth Science and the Movies   Earth Science Animations   Earth Science Image Search   General Reference  
Jobs   Journals   Lesson Plans   Misconceptions  
Newspapers   Search Engines   Teaching Tips  
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