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Individualized Designed Form for the Improvement of Instruction (IDF-II)

Instructions to instructors

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Demographic and non-evaluative items  
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Student Development and Responsibilities
Instructor Performance
Course Elements
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Demographic and non-evaluative items

Instructors may select the following items to be added to their IDF - II form.

Click the items to be included in your IDF-II form

   a. Male  b. Female

     A  B  C  D  E

     a.  3.5-4.0   b.  3.00-3.49    c. 2.50-2.99   d. 2.00-2.49
     e.  < 2.0     f.  no CMU GPA

     a. I am taking this course because it is required
     b. I am taking this course as an elective

     On the average, I spent ____ hours per week studying for this course
     outside of class:
        a.  Less than one
        b.  1-3 hours
        c.  4-6 hours
        d.  7-10 hours
        e.  More than 10 hours

     Would you consider yourself a traditional or a non-traditional
        a. Traditional
        b.  Non-traditional

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Evaluate Items

Click the items to be included in your IDF-II form

Student Development and Responsibilities

Knowledge and Skills | Interests and Curiosity | Social Attitudes, Values, and Skills | Self-concept | Professional Skill and Attitudes | Student Responsibilities|

Knowledge and Skills:

Interests and Curiosity:

Social Attitudes, Values, and Skills:


Professional Skills and Attitudes:

Student Responsibilities:

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Instructor Performance

Lecture/Presentation Skill | Rapport | Classroom Interaction and Participation | Feedback to Students | Organization (Instructor) | Difficulty

Lecture/Presentation Skill:


Classroom Interaction and Participation

Feedback to Students

Organization (Instructor)


Selection Table

Course Elements

Organization (Course) | Teaching/Graduate assistant | Discussion Section | Written Assignments/Projects | Reading Assignments | Laboratory | Textbook | Media | Exams | Grading | Group Assignments/Activities |

Organization (Course):

Teaching/Graduate assistant:

Discussion Section:

Written Assignments/Projects

Reading Assignments:






Group Assignments/Activities

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Selection Table

Open-ended questions:

In addition to the items above, you may wish to add some open- ended items to your student evaluation. If you select some open-ended items, you should ask students to complete their responses on paper other than the response forms which contain the items you selected from the menu of questions.

Some possible open-ended questions are suggested below.

Additional open-ended questions can be entered in the following boxed area. If the open-ended question is longer than 70 characters, it will be wrapped automatically. Do not press the Enter key until the end of each question.

When you are ready, click the 'Submit' button. Your IDF-II will be displayed on a new page in about one minute. Please print it for your usage. The IDF-II Scan Sheet should be used for this form.

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